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Goldcorp Out

2nd letter to the YWCA, with the YWCA’s response to our 1st letter.  Please write your own letter to YWCA and share this information with YWCA folks you know, who might be interested.

Open letter written by Grahame Russell (Rights Action) to Janet Austin (C.E.O. of YWCA Metro Vancouver).

Article "Victory for La Puya: Guatemalan Court Orders Suspension of Construction Operations at the El Tambor Mine" by GHRC/USA and "Guatemalan Court Suspends Mining Operations in “La Puya” by...

Article: “Why Did Goldcorp Really Pull Out Of Tahoe Resources’s Troubled Guatemalan Mining Project?”

By Copinh
Copinh dice no a la actividad minera

Statement from COPINH (Civic Council of Grassroots and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras) : "WE CONDEMN the International Congress of Mining in Honduras. No to Mines!"

Informe a la prensa, del bufete jurídico Klippensteins y artículo por Grahame Russell:  “Hudbay califica de “Historias inventadas” a las violaciones sexuales”